Five key questions everyone has about travelling by cruise ship

Date: 24th May 2018
Author: Helen Cator

When thinking about booking a cruise ship holiday rather than a traditional flight and hotel package deal, there are a lot of questions which come up. We have attempted to answer the five key questions which people ask when preparing for a ship-based holiday.

1. Is cruising more expensive than a normal holiday?

When looking at cruise holiday prices they can initially seem high. The key is to look out for discounts, deals and special offers, but also to check what’s included. Most cruise prices include flight transfers, meals and of course the accommodation on board the ship, so you could pay more up front, but if you add up the cost of hotels and eating out every night on a normal holiday it can actually work out as really great value for money.

2. Aren’t cruise ships just full of old people?

The demographic of cruisers has changed dramatically over the past few years and now many cruise ships are aimed specifically at families with kids clubs and nurseries on board to keep the youngsters entertained throughout your holiday. There are also specialist cruises dedicated to single travellers or particular interests such as dancing or cooking, so take your time and make sure you pick the right ship for your particular tastes.

3. Will I get stomach bugs on board?

There are often stories in the papers about Norovirus and other nasty outbreaks on ships. However this is quite unusual which is why they make the headlines. These types of outbreaks can also be caught in any other contained environment including a workplace; they are not connected to ships but to people. You are no more likely to get sick on a ship than anywhere else with large groups of people, so take a stock of hand gel with you if you are worried.

4. Will I get seasick?

Generally cruise ships are so big that you won’t even notice the ship is moving. You might pass through an occasional patch of rough weather but you can take sea sickness medication or treatments with you before you go. However, on a general basis you are highly unlikely to experience sea sickness.

5. Can I stay in touch with my family while on board?

Yes, most ships have TV and newspapers to keep you in touch with what’s going on in the world and there will be a telephone available in your cabin. You can also use Wi-Fi and mobile services on most cruise ships although you will need to buy some kind of internet or data package from the ship for this service and it can be costly. Many ships have a library with internet access on board for checking emails as well.

These are some of the key questions which would-be cruisers have before planning to book a cruise ship holiday. If you have any concerns about organising travel to and from your cruise ship or parking your car when you head for the port, do get in touch with us here at Penguin Parking.

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