Five reasons why you should choose a round the UK cruise

Date: 16th August 2018
Author: Helen Cator

If you are a first time cruiser and a little nervous about what to expect, why not opt for a cruise around the UK? As well as seeing the beautiful sites of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and some of the other islands, it’s an easy cruise to start off with and see if you enjoy being on board. Here are five reasons you should choose a round the UK cruise:

    1. Virtually all the cruise lines offer UK departures

    Most of the cruise lines which have smaller ships in their fleet, will offer UK-only cruises, giving you a wide choice of ships and itineraries to look at including Cunard, P&O Cruises, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Saga Group and Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

    2. You can cruise all year round

    Most of the British Isles cruises run between March and October but there are itineraries available most of the year so you can see the countries in all their glory in the season of your choice. You can also leave the cruise ship more easily if you decide it’s really not for you as you can depart from any of the port stops.

    3. You can choose a short cruise

    If you are new to cruising you could opt for a short two or four day trip around the British Isles as a taster cruise to see how you enjoy being on board a cruise ship, without venturing too far from home.

    4. Cruising locally saves time

    You won’t have to spend hours waiting in airports or departure lounges as you are leaving from your home territory. In most cases you won’t need passport control either but make sure you check this with your cruise line before you book, particularly if the ship is going to the Channel Islands, Southern Ireland or has stops in France on its way through the channel.

    5. Visit new places by choosing a different departure port

    While you could leave from your closest port for convenience, why not look at some of the other UK ports to enhance your range of options – the biggest cruise ports are Southampton and Dover, however you can also cruise from Liverpool or Cardiff so if you have never been to your departure port area why not set aside a day to explore there before you leave.

    However, if you do decide to depart from the UK’s biggest cruise port, which is Southampton, then don’t forget to book your car parking beforehand as well. If you want to avoid driving in the city rush hour on cruise day, then opt for an out of town parking option like Penguin Parking.

    If you’d like to discuss cruise parking with us and how we can make your holiday start the minute you park, then please give us a call today.

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