How to make the most of your cruise this summer

Date: 31st May 2018
Author: Helen Cator

Cruising is a great experience for many, but there are a few tricks you can deploy to help make the most of your cruise ship holiday this summer. We have pulled together a few ideas to help you really get as much as you can from your holiday of a lifetime.

    1) Plan your travel

    Make your holiday start when you arrive in Southampton by planning ahead for your travel to the cruise ship. Avoid the traffic jams by booking a private out-of-port car park like Penguin Parking for your car and enjoy being chauffeured to the ship instead.

      2) Don’t go crazy with the packing

        Cruise cabins are quite small, with limited storage space, so try keeping your packing to a minimum so you don’t end up spending the holiday stuck in a room covered in clothes and mess. Just pack some pick and mix wardrobe essentials for the holiday.

        3) Get up early

          If you are planning to sit by the pool and chill then you need to get up early to secure yourself a suitable poolside chair as these will be in great demand on sunny sea days. Make sure you take precautions against the sun to avoid spending the rest of your holiday recovering from sunburn.

            4) Get out of your cabin

            While it might be tempting to relax in the luxury of your cabin, particularly if you have your own balcony, it’s good to get out of the room and explore the ship’s facilities as you will most likely be pleasantly surprised by just how much is on board.

            Most large ships have casinos, sports courts, pools, bars, dance floors, restaurants, cinemas and theatres on board for your benefit so get out of the room and make the most of what the ship has to offer.

            5) Book shore excursions

            While spending time on the ship is fun, it’s also great to get off the ship and explore local culture at your destinations so make sure you book shore excursions and see as much of the area as you can before getting back on board.

            6) Make new friends on board

            Spend time on board making new friends in the bars, restaurants and on deck – you are all on board for the same reason – to relax and enjoy yourselves so open up and chat to people wherever you find them and you might even make some new friends for life at sea.

            7) Pack a waterproof camera

            A lot of the shore visits can involve water sports such as snorkelling and diving so it’s worth having a waterproof camera so you can make the most of these trips without worrying about ruining your camera. If you go diving with sea life you can also take some great shots for everlasting memories.

            If you are heading off on a cruise this summer make the most of your trip by following all of our tips outlined above. If you need to speak to us regarding planning your parking and travel please do give one of our experts at Penguin Parking a call today.

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