5 items you can’t take on board a cruise ship

Date: 25th June 2018
Author: Helen Cator

When you are packing for your cruise it’s always hard to know what to take and what to leave behind, particularly if it’s your first time on board. However, there are a few items which you are not allowed to take on board so check the terms and conditions from your holiday company before you start packing to make sure you are not in violation. Here is a list of five things most companies won’t let you take on board a cruise ship:

1) Common Electrical Items

It might be tempting to pack a travel iron and travel kettle to take with you, after all you might be away for a couple of weeks, however, these items, along with other heat-producing items such as hot plates and coffee machines are almost universally banned from cruise ships due to the fire risk they pose.

Check the details but you will find most ships offer laundry and ironing facilities on board, or else pack iron-free clothes to save all the hassle. Coffee and tea making facilities are provided on board as well so there is no need to try to take any of these items away with you.

Why not pack clothes prone to creasing in garment bags so they are hanging up, and use anti-crease spray to keep them looking nice. If you are concerned about the quality of the tea you will get on board then check the small print but most ships will allow you to take your own tea bags so do that rather than risk a kettle in your luggage.

2) Knives or other sharp objects

Hopefully this goes without saying but most cruise liners don’t allow items such as Swiss army knives or any other type of knife, scissors or sharp object to be brought on board. Your cabin steward will be able to provide a corkscrew and you are unlikely to need anything else while on board as everything is provided for you.

You should be fine to take grooming products such as nail files, nail clippers and tweezers on board but just read the small print and make sure you are not trying to take on anything which could be deemed to be dangerous. You might think about packing some tape to make quick repairs should you need to.

3) Check your cruise lines’ alcohol policy

Make sure you check what alcohol you are allowed to bring on board as many of the cruise lines – particularly the American ones – have a very strict policy which doesn’t allow any alcohol to be brought on board and it will all be confiscated if you try. Some of the British cruise lines have a more tolerant attitude but there are still restrictions so don’t assume you can pack lots of booze in your suitcase.

4) Silly gadgets and anything which can fly off the ship

    If you were tempted to pack your Segway or roller blades to make it easier to get round the ship, forget it! Anything that can be launched off the ship is also banned including drones, kites, boats and canoes so don’t try to bring any of these on board

    5) Don’t bother bringing lots of toys for children

    If you are travelling with children, then handheld video games are allowed along with other games you can pack easily like a playing cards. However, most of the larger ships have entertainment areas just for children so check those out before trying to pack it all in your case.

    Make sure you check all the terms and conditions for your particular cruise liner before packing your bags so you know you have nothing in them which is prohibited. Don’t forget you will have to carry everything you pack so be sure to book a car park which offers a chauffeur service to and from the ship like here at Penguin Parking.

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