I’m going on a World Cruise - can I leave my car at the port?

Date: 11th May 2018
Author: Helen Cator

So you have taken the plunge and booked a round the world cruise – a holiday of a lifetime! Now it’s all about planning for the holiday and one of the things to think about is transport. Travelling for around six months or longer is going to require a lot of luggage so it might be easier to drive to the port.

When you book your cruise the holiday company will let you know if there are any perks included, such as free parking or coach transfer to the ship, as part of your overall cruise holiday pricing plan, however, you might want to make your own arrangements.

While there is port parking at Southampton, it can be costly and you will have to drive through the Southampton traffic to get to the port, battling with all the passengers disembarking as well as everyone else heading to the ship to board it.

While you might consider using public transport instead, you still need to think about the amount of luggage you will potentially be carrying – you want the start of your holiday to be relaxed and stress-free, not hampered by cramped trains and late taxis.

Another possibility is to consider using an out-of-port car park like the facility provided by Penguin Parking. That way, your car is safe in a private car park which is only being used by other cruise passengers, and you don’t have to navigate all the city traffic.

A common fear when leaving your car for any length of time is how it will be treated. There have been many horror stories in the press about car parking staff leaving guest’s cars in shopping centre car parks or even in fields. You want to rest assured your car will be looked after while you are away. That it will be kept secure but also in working condition for when you come back ashore so you can head straight home after your amazing round the world adventure.

If you park at the port your car will be secure and monitored on camera but it is unlikely to be touched or driven the whole time you are away. There is a chance that it might not be in top working order and the battery flat when you return six months later.

As an out of port car park Penguin Parking offers a private facility where only cruise cars can be parked, thus making it much safer and more secure than any public car park would be. The team also guarantee to start cars regularly if they are being looked after for months at a time. They will even take the vehicle for its MOT or to be serviced for you while you are enjoying your cruise, if needed.

If you are heading off on a long duration cruise, choose your car’s final destination as carefully as your holiday. Contact the team at Penguin Parking for advice and guidance today.

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