Introducing the Queen Mary 2 – the world’s only ocean liner

Date: 29th August 2018
Author: Helen Cator

For complete cruise luxury you can’t do any finer than the Queen Mary 2 – this fine ocean liner is the epitome of cruise glamour, oozing style and luxury. The Queen Mary 2 was launched in 2004 as a replacement for the ageing QE2 liner and became the flagship liner for the British Cunard Line.

Queen Mary 2 is currently the only transatlantic ocean liner in service between Southampton and New York and she is also used for cruising, including a world cruise. When she was built, she was one of the biggest ships in existence but that record is no longer held.

In 2016 the ship underwent a £90 million overhaul, giving it a true five-star hotel feel while maintaining the Cunard heritage and history. The renovation included the addition of 50 new cabins and the removal of four lifts.

The ship still retains a feeling of stepping back in time to a golden era, partly helped by the very formal approach to dress on board. If you are looking for a laid back cruise ship this is not the one for you.

While on board, the QM2 has a very strict dress code and even the informal evenings require passengers to don jackets and cocktail dresses. During the day casual wear has to be stylish as well so you need to make sure your wardrobe meets the requirements.

The dress code and the heritage is what makes travelling on QM2 feel special and romantic, not to mention the excitement as New York appears on the horizon. Travelling on the ocean liner is an experience not to be missed.

The ship tends to attract older passengers although plenty of families do enjoy the luxury on board, and it’s mainly British or American passengers due to the nature of the crossings, although on the cruises there can be more variety of nationalities on board.

One of the unique aspects of the QM2 is the liner can carry up to 24 cats and dogs. These will be accommodated in the special Kennel Suites during transatlantic voyages so won’t be roaming around the ship. They are securely housed at all times during the journey.

One thing to note on board is that despite the British heritage, the onboard money used is US dollars so it’s worth noting that before you set out on your journey.

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