Quick guide to fly-cruise travel - all your questions answered

Date: 17th May 2018
Author: Helen Cator

While most people think of a cruise as simply boarding a ship, travelling to the destinations and then returning to the same port, there are actually lots of different ways to cruise nowadays and fly-cruises are becoming increasingly popular.

If you are heading off to a distant destination, it is now quite common to fly out – so the journey takes a matter of hours rather than days spent at sea – and meet the cruise ship at the destination.

You would then spend time cruising around the Med, or wherever you have chosen, and take a leisurely cruise back home to Southampton port.

Some people prefer to do it the other way around, setting out aboard ship from Southampton port, travelling around the destinations in luxury, before flying back home to England at the end of the holiday.

Fly-cruise logistical issues to consider

While these types of fly-cruises are gaining in popularity, they can pose greater logistical issues for travellers as you are not returning to the same place you started out from – so if you travel by car to the airport or port, this could cause a problem.

If you drive to Gatwick, leave your car there, and then return to Southampton port with all your luggage, you may then have to make your way back to Gatwick by public transport. This could make the end of your holiday a bit of a nightmare.

However, there is an alternative option. You could look at a private car park service, such as that run by Penguin Parking just outside of the Port of Southampton, which offers specialist fly-cruise transport and parking options.

What about if I sail out and fly home?

How much better would it be to park your car at Southampton, embark on the ship, then fly back into Heathrow or Gatwick knowing that you will be personally collected at the airport and chauffeured directly back to your car? No negotiating through traffic or commuter trains.

What happens if I fly out and sail back?

Alternatively, how about leaving your car in Southampton, being transported to the train or coach station directly so you can head off to your flight, and then being picked up from the port on your return into the city, ready to go straight back to your car?

If you are heading out on a fly-cruise with a stop in Southampton port at either end of the journey then do get in touch with Penguin Parking to discuss your car parking and travel arrangements. We can help you find a solution to your parking requirements.

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