Top 10 myths about going on a cruise holiday

Date: 20th April 2018
Author: Helen Cator

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, but are thinking about it, you are bound to come across all kinds of views and ideas about this type of holiday from your friends and family – not all of which will be true. We have compiled the top 10 myths which we hear all the time about going on a cruise ship holiday, to help you make up your own mind as to whether cruising really is for you.

1. Cruising is boring

    The facilities on cruise ships mean you can do as much or as little as you want but there is certainly no excuse to be bored. With dance classes, art classes, fully equipped gym, sports areas, swimming pools and spas to choose from, there is something to do every single day – or you can just relax on a sun lounger.

    2. I’ll be on the ship all the time and will get seasick

    While there will be time spent on the ship, cruise holidays nowadays offer many options for shore excursions at many different destinations so you certainly won’t be on board the ship for any longer than you want to be. Make sure you pick a cruise with lots of port stops, if this is one of your fears.

    In terms of seasickness, cruise ships are built to be incredibly stable and you are unlikely to suffer from seasickness on board. If you do, there are some simple remedies to take and you should request a cabin which is lower and centrally placed on the ship to help reduce the feeling of movement.

    3. Cruises are just incredibly expensive

    When looking at the cost of a cruise you need to take into account all of the elements which are included, such as flights, meals and entertainment for the whole duration. Compare that with the cost of flights, plus a hotel, plus eating out for two weeks and you will start to appreciate what’s actually included within a cruise holiday. Many cruise lines now offer shorter cruises as well as the traditional longer holidays.

    4. The ship will be really crowded

    The great thing about cruises is the sheer variety of options available. The size of modern cruise ships means you will always be able to find a spot to relax in and if you have a balcony cabin you get your own private outdoor space from which to enjoy the scenery. You can be as sociable as you want to be on board, or just lock yourself away in the quiet of your cabin – it’s entirely up to you what you do and where you go on board.

    5. Cruising is for old people

    The age demographic of cruisers has changed over the years and nowadays it is not only for rich retired people – although it still seems to have this image. Many cruise lines now offer family-friendly ships with facilities for babies, children and teenagers, attracting a much younger group of travellers.

    6. The food is awful and I won’t find anything I like

    The choice of food on board the big cruise liners is actually incredibly impressive with top class restaurants, cafes, buffets and everything in between to choose from. There are varied menus and if you tell them of any specific dietary needs when you book then that can be sorted out for you in advance of your holiday. Some cruise lines even offer cooking classes on board.

    7. I need to wear black tie all the time

    While some cruise liners have the occasional glamorous night, most of the time you will be in casual holiday-wear. If you want a cruise without all the formalities then just talk to your travel agent as every cruise line offers different types of holidays – some people choose cruising because they want to dress up for dinner.

    8. I’ll put on weight as there is nothing to do but eat all day

    This is another common myth as the choice of food is plentiful and can be available 24/7 however, the size of the modern ships means walking up and down the promenade deck covers a couple of miles easily so there are plenty of opportunities to work off your dinner. Most ships are also equipped with fitness gyms, swimming pools and sports centres so you can undertake all of your usual fitness activities while on board.

    9. You can’t cruise if you are on your own

    The cost and size of cabins has often led to the belief that you have to travel as a group to cruise, however, many of the cruise lines are now accommodating solo travellers and including single cabins on board their ships.

    10. All cruises go to the Caribbean or the Med

    While it’s true that these are the two most popular destinations, cruise ships visit hundreds of destinations worldwide so if you want to go somewhere different just talk to your travel agent to find the most suitable holiday for your needs.

    Now we have busted all the myths about cruising, we hope you find the perfect cruise for you and don’t forget, we can keep your car secure and safe while you are off enjoying life on the ocean.

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